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Questionnaire Results

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Questionnaire Results
Price Survey 2001

We received over 100 questionnaires back. To give a more accurate view, we would have liked 100% back, but that was probably too optimistic. Rather than analyse and write about every question we have decided to let you see the results as they are. Generally, as you will see, the magazine has been well received. Most of us seem to want the same thing:- professionalism, information, qualifications and better pay! But we’ll let you judge for yourselves.

1. Do you want to receive the Northern Groomers magazine? Yes: 100%, No: 0%

2. How much would you pay for a Groomers magazine? Not Sure: 8%, 0: 4%, 1: 30%, 2: 38% 1.50: 8%, 2.50: 3%, 3: 6%, 5: 3%

3. How do you rate the articles in the magazine? Very Interesting: 53%, Good: 41%, Average: 6% Not Interesting: 0%

4. Are you interested in hearing about other Groomers? Yes: 99%, No: 1%

5. Are you interested in Breed Profiles? Yes: 90%, No: 10%

6. Would you contact the Companies who advertise in the magazine? Have already: 66%, Yes: 33%  No: 1%

7. Would you be interested in becoming a member of the British Dog Groomers Association? Already a member: 45%, Yes: 45%, No 10%

8. Do you think that qualifications are important? Yes: 87%, No: 13%

9. Did you know there was a City & Guilds qualification in Dog grooming? Yes: 98%, No: 2%

10. Would you like to be City & Guilds qualified? Already qualified: 25%, Yes: 58%, No: 17%

11. Do you know about the Advanced Grooming Diploma? Yes: 79%, No: 21%

12. Would you be interested in sitting the Advanced Grooming Diploma? Yes: 61%, No: 35% Already have: 1%, Already started the modules: 3%

13. Do you think that the public see Dog Grooming as a highly skilled, professional job? Yes: 16%, No: 84%

14. Do you think that Groomers are paid enough? Yes: 12%, No: 88%

15. Price Survey – see here

16. Are you interested in watching Grooming Competitions? Yes: 89%, No: 11%

17. Are you interested in competing in Grooming Competitions? Yes: 35%, No: 65%

18. Have you attended Grooming Seminars in the past? Yes: 71%, No: 29%

19. Would you be interested in attending future seminars? Yes: 95%, No: 5%

These answers have given us a few things to think about. To ensure we are providing our readers with what they want, we will keep monitoring your ideas with future questionnaires. Thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the and return this questionnaire.