All The Pros And Cons Of 9Apps

All The Pros And Cons Of 9Apps

9Apps is the only platform which is providing you the widest range of Android application and all of them work fine. There are much more platforms like this but no one is able to compete it in terms of features. You get lots of benefit with the use of You have to download it and get started with its use. All you need to do is download it to get started with its use. 9App provide the option of download songs, videos, apps, games and much more interesting content. You will never use google play store after using it because of the benefits. There are lots of pros and cons related to this application that’s why you should know before starting the use of this awesome platform. If you are the novice of smartphone then this application is really helpful and you can get started with its use just with a single tap.

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Pros Of 9Apps

9apps offer you lots of benefits. Most of them are regarding the download of apps. You have millions of apps which are available at google play store but do you know that there are much more application because you can avail restricted and banned applications. Sambut 2017: 9APPS Google does not support applications which are providing benefits of paid applications this is why such apps are banned. Well, this isn’t the issue with this platform. You are able to get access to Social media likes boosting applications, apps to root your smartphone and even the cracks of paid apps are also possible here. Well, there is nothing better than this thing but is there any more benefits? Well, the answer is yes because the list is still pending. Users have the opportunity to pause a download when the internet connection is poor and continue it when the network connection is stable. On the other hand, you can download any app in unstable network connection which means that you don’t need high speed to use it. if you compare these features with google play then this is easy to glean the idea that there is nothing better than this one.


Cons Of 9Apps

Everything has merits and demerits so 9Apps News is not an exception. This application is good enough according to its features and benefits but it’s some of the merits become its worst part. As you know that this app offers every restricted application so there are some of the worst apps which can cause harm to your smartphone. People use such apps due to their benefits but chances of losing personal information are high with non trusted apps.  9Apps partners with Gameloft Make sure that you don’t download applications which aren’t rated as secure. You can check out the 9apps users reviews because this will help you know that which application is safe to use or not. This is enough to browse safely and if you cross the precaution line then you will end up causing harm to your smartphone. Well, there is nothing worse than getting stuck into any problem due to an app.

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