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2002 Show

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2002 Show
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By Tricia McGuire

Three days before exness the show disaster struck when Northern Groomers were informed that their popular guest presenter from the 2001 show, Barbara Bird was unable to attend, due to a family crisis. But the show had to go on. So, many 'phone calls and pleas for help later a revised plan of action came into effect. Easter Weekend finally arrived and at 8am on Saturday 30th March 2002 Northern Groomers' second show at The Sands Centre, Carlisle swung into action.
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The grooming competition classes planned for the day were a team event and beginners class (Groomers with less than 2 years experience). The entries were low for these classes so instead of the original plan to hold the team class in the morning and the beginners in the afternoon, it was decided to run both classes at the same time in the morning. During the exness india competition delegates crammed into the seminar room to listen to America's Mr Terrier - Scott Wasserman share his knowledge on handstripping techniques. This was a very popular seminar and delegates were glued to their seats as Scott demonstrated firstly on a Wire Fox Terrier then an English Setter. After the results of the grooming competition were announced, back in the seminar room, Robert Murphy and Curtis Hanvey discussed the benefits of the internet for Groomers.

The afternoon seminars were in the main hall and Shaunna Bernardin showed a captivated audience how to use snap on combs on clipper blades to give a longer trim for the Perfect Poodle. She also talked about the importance of bathing and drying, as preparation is most important if you want to have a perfect finish. Meanwhile Richard Barker scissored his beautiful white Standard Poodle. While the poodles were being trimmed, Scott filled in for Barbara Bird and did the dematting demonstration, showing the various tools and broker exness methods that can help with dematting. As well as Poodles and dematting, Melanie Winters-Holmes was on hand for anyone who wanted to know more about the Cesky and the Dandie Dinmont Terriers and Paula Hull shared her knowledge of the Cocker Spaniel and the Lhasa Apso. Thanks to Melanie and Paula for this as they were only asked to do this job that morning!

Saturday evening was the Groomers Get Together. This was a chance for Groomers to get together and let their hair down with a buffet, quiz then show off their singing talents at the karaoke. It certainly was worth going to see especially for Bobby Murphy's rendition of Great Balls of Fire!


"I really enjoyed judging with Scott and Shaunna. I had a great weekend and wish Northern Groomers every success with future events."

Richard Barker

"Job well done! It’s wonderful to see an organisation that is so young, trying so hard. You are off in the right direction. Best of luck"

Shaunna Bernardin

"I first would like to thank the Northern Groomers for inviting me to judge your contest. I had a wonderful time. You had a nice turnout for a holiday, and I am sure that the Groomers that did show, learned a lot. The competitors’ work overall was very nice, with some outstanding examples of grooming. I understand that contests are relatively new to your area and that some do not have much experience in them. Your breed profiles are very much on the mark, but I feel that the finish work needs some help. I believe that most of this problem comes from your prep. There were many dirty coats and coats that were not dried properly and were left very curly. This does effect your final outcome of the trim. Britain has MANY very talented Groomers and I think that when you get a little more used to contests and preparation... the rest of the World better watch out."

Scott Wasserman

Sunday morning got off to a panicked start for some people who forgot to move their clocks forward. So after a few minutes delay the Poodle, Creative Styling and Gundog classes began. Diana North stepped in as presenter for the day due to Barbara's absence. So a huge thanks to her for her help in not only presenting but helping in the organisation of the day and making sure it ran as smoothly as possible.
The seminars began earlier than scheduled as Shaunna offered to do another Poodle demonstration, this time on a show Poodle. So, assuming that no one would mind, Northern Groomers' Fiona Keith and Tricia McGuire happily gave up their time slot for the Poodle demo instead of Groomer Care which was originally to be done by Barbara Bird. This unfortunately disappointed some people so to make up for it Barbara has agreed to do an article on Groomer Care for the next issue of the magazine. The second seminar of the day was from Scott who explained what the judges are looking for when they judge a grooming competition.

After lunch the Handstrip, Scissored and Clipped classes began and Richard Barker demonstrated how to trim the Beautiful Bichon. Workaholic Shaunna Bernardin managed to squeeze in another Poodle demo before the final seminar of the day began by Melanie Rodgerson, who filled in for Barbara Bird for the Customer Care talk.

While the judges were making their final decisions the prize draws from Tropiclean Pet Products and Superfine took place and the results of the Northern Groomers Auction were announced. The silent auction was to raise funds for the Northern Groomers Magazine and future events. Bids were written down throughout the weekend for a signed copy of Shirley Kalstone's Poodle book, a full set of Northern Groomers magazines and two sets of hand crafted wooden dogs made by Northern Groomers' Wullie Torrance. The winner of the Northern Groomers Magazine writing competition was also announced. You can read Jackie Moore's story on page 18.

Fiona Keith announced thanks from Northern Groomers to all of those who attended, competed and helped out. And gifts were presented to the Judges and Diana North for presenting. Then she handed over the microphone to Diana to announce the winners and the results were as follows:

The Team Event Sponsored by Dezynadog  
1st Snip it, Clip it & Snip it    
Melanie Winters-Holmes Caroline Clancy Peter Ensell
2nd The Three Mutketeers    
Joanne Shillington Johan Lee Denise Tawse
The Beginners Class Sponsored by Superfine  
1st Dee Francis 2nd Janice Dixon Vivi Gudmundsdottir


Poodle Class Sponsored by Scotgroom  
1st Alexis Collins 2nd Philip Langdon 3rd Tania Lambert
Creative Styling Class Sponsored by Christies  
1st Melanie Winters-Holmes 2nd Caroline Clancy 3rd Bernice Williams
Gundogs Class Sponsored by Scotgroom  
1st Mike Gadsby 2nd Paula Hull 3rd Amy English
Handstrip Class Sponsored by Dunragit Grooming  
1st Melanie Winters-Holmes 2nd Bernice Williams 3rd Chris Chadwick
Scissored Class Sponsored by Technogroom  
1st Margaret Macleod 2nd Paula Hull 3rd Leanne Suggit
Clipped Class Sponsored by Dezynadog  
1st Emma Walton 2nd Sheila MacKenzie 3rd Joanne Shillington

                                Best Junior Sponsored by Smartpets Bangor

Best Debutante (never completed in grooming competition)
Sponsored by Groomers Supplies
Mike Gadsby

Best Open (competed before but never won BIS or GOTY)
Sponsored by Groomers Supplies
Emma Walton

Best Champion (winners of previous Best in Show or
Groomer of the Year)
Sponsored by Groomers Supplies
Philip Langdon

Best Junior Sponsored by Smartpets BangorwpeE.jpg (4655 bytes)
Lesley Callander, Aged 14

Best in Show sponsored by Wahl UK Limited
1st Place - Winner of 1,000 - Mike Gadsby with a handstripped American Cocker

2nd Place - Winner of 500 - Margaret Macleod
with her Irish Water Spaniel


3rd Place - Winner of 250 - Emma Walton
with a clipped Miniature Schnauzer


Winner of Technogroom's Taxi Vac Worth 600, Emma Walton for the best clipped dog of the weekend


Organising competitors reminded me of the problems I have at a local college. There are nine students so I ask them to go into three groups of three. This results in one group of five, one group of three and one group of one. I point out to them that there is not three in each group so two leave the group of five and join the group of three. Oh my head! When I told this to one of my private students he told me about the British Lions rugby team whose Irish captain was giving orders to players on the park. Quote "You three break up into pairs and the rest of you spread out into a bunch."

Quote from a competitor to Shauna when she found a mat in her dog "Jesus Christ Almighty -Where the F*** did that come from?"

One of the competitors thought she better show Mr Terrier what her breed should look like ( a terrier) so decorated her table with photographs of the breed just in case.


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